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What an Eiffel: Paris approves proposal for nudist park

Lawmakers in the French capital vote to set up designated clothes-free area on citys edge

Paris could set up a park for nudists as early as next summer, in a possible first for a capital city, in a country that is the worlds top destination for clothes-free leisure lovers.

Paris lawmakers voted late on Monday to approve a proposal by ecologists to set up the zone, possibly in one of two major wooded areas on the edge of the city.

Naturism is developing and Paris so far has nowhere to practise it, said David Belliard, co-chair of the ecologist group in the city council.

He noted that 2 million French people practise naturism, which is already possible in several European cities including Barcelona, Berlin and Munich.

With more than 100 clothes-free beaches and numerous holiday camps, France is the worlds No 1 destination for naturists, said Bruno Julliard, deputy to Pariss socialist mayor, Anne Hidalgo.

Describing the respectable demand for somewhere to bare all in the French capital, he said the next step was to choose a location.

This could be in one of Pariss two main woods the Bois de Boulogne to the west, and Bois de Vincennes to the east near a lake, in a regulated setting so that there is no threat to public order, he added.

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